Stuck For A Small Business Idea? (This Guide Will Help)

Different Types of Businesses

  • How do you see yourself spending the day?
  • Do you want a lifestyle business or go for growth and become a household name?
  • Will you work from home or would you be happy working long hours anywhere?
  • Do you want to sell to customers or other businesses?
  • Have you thought about running a franchise?
  • Do you want to provide a service or sell products?
  • Are you interested in manufacturing?
  • Will you sell online or on the High Street?
  • Are you starting a full-time business or will this be a side hustle?

# How to Come Up with A Business Idea

There can be the “lightbulb moment”.

Plus, even “lightbulb” moments need to be tested.

#1. What are you good at?

This is the time to be honest about your strengths and weaknesses.

Can you turn any of these skills into a business?

#2. What do you like doing?

Remember passion equals motivation…

#3. Which of these ideas match the type of business you want to run?

You just need to be realistic…

#4. What are other people doing?

Not convinced?

#5. Testing your Small Business Idea.

Test, test, test…

#6. Try a Pilot

Perhaps as a side hustle?

Just start something…




On a mission to help tiny businesses grow and improve health and fitness. Founder of and

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Alison Wright

Alison Wright

On a mission to help tiny businesses grow and improve health and fitness. Founder of and

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