See What Happens When I Launch A New Lifestyle Blog — Simply Hatch

I’ve started a brand new blog. It’s a lifestyle blog and I’m breaking my own rules. The plan is to test out what works and what doesn’t in 2019. The challenge is to launch and build a lifestyle blog as quickly as possible. To find out just how long it takes to make your first $500.

The Lifestyle Blog (Full Disclosure)

I’ve had the blog for a while, nearly 7 months, so technically I’m cheating. But before you click away, here are the organic visits to the blog over the last 3 months:

16 in total. A few people have wandered on to the site by accident.

When I bought the domain from SiteGround I didn’t realise it had some history and I’ve picked up a few visits from people looking to build big muscles. I’m afraid they’ll be disappointed.

Back in November, I added two rambling posts and an about page and that was it. The Pinterest account I set up is still completely blank with zero followers.

Starting A Lifestyle Blog From Scratch

Last week I installed the plugin WP Reset and used it to wipe my blog back to a blank WordPress site. The site is hosted with SiteGround. I’ve installed the Mai Pro Lifestyle Theme available through StudioPress.

I’ve so far spent a day setting up the blog and 3 days churning out posts. I’m up to 12 and I want to get to 30 before I put my efforts into promotion.

Why so many? It’s an experiment. Usually I recommend writing posts with a 1000+ words. The posts on my new blog are all short list posts that are easy to write. The average word length is around 300.

I’ve also broken my rule about categories. Normally I suggest going for only two or three categories. I’ve gone for six!

Yes it’s a lot but this blog is a magazine style site and I’m aiming for high volume short posts.

Income For My Lifestyle Blog

I’ve already set up Amazon Associates and added a few links to books and relevant items. I’m contemplating adding adverts.

Yes I know! I don’t like adverts. But I’d like to be able to say I don’t recommend them because I tried this… I want proof they’re not the best way of monetizing a blog.

I will also apply for other affiliate schemes once I’ve properly launched. I’m going to created collections of recommended favourite items to entice visitors to buy.

Traffic For My Lifestyle Blog

It’s going to be Pinterest all the way. I may get lucky and pick up some organic traffic but I’m doubtful that my short 300 word posts will make an impact on Google.

The topics I’ve chosen all get a huge following on Pinterest, especially healthy eating and fitness. I used to write about these topics with my last business, (an outdoor ecommerce store), so I have some idea how popular they are.

As soon as I launch my blog properly I will be spending a lot of time pinning. I’ve also installed Social Warfare Pro on my blog so my visitors will be tempted to save my pins with the Pin It feature.

I’ve also set up a Public Group on FaceBook. It’s linked to my Simply Hatch page which is being a bit lazy. I won’t be doing much on FaceBook to promote my new blog.


That’s all for now folks! I have 18 more posts to write before I properly launch the Love Life Be Fit blog! Please take a look — I’d love some feedback…

Originally published at on May 20, 2019.




On a mission to help tiny businesses grow and improve health and fitness. Founder of and

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Alison Wright

Alison Wright

On a mission to help tiny businesses grow and improve health and fitness. Founder of and

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