Light Bulb Moments: We All Have Them

Yeah right, you think. You’ve been waiting for your light bulb moment for years. That spark of inspiration that suddenly changes your life.

If only you’d been the one to spot a cat on a dark road and had the idea that sparked cat’s eyes.It doesn’t seem fair that some people can come up with these fantastic ideas and others struggle to find any originality.

Or is it.

I can give you two reasons.

First, the human brain is fascinating, and we really don’t give our own brains enough credit.You can be taking the dog for a walk, commuting to work, dropping children off at school, and while part of your brain is focused on the task in hand, thoughts and ideas just pop into your head as if from nowhere.

We all have light bulb moments. Yes really.

It’s just that for some of us, those moments are more likely to be “What to get your sister Julie for Christmas”.

To have a light bulb moment for a business idea, you need to be intentionally thinking about business ideas on a regular basis.

Sending a message to your brain that this stuff is important to you.

Secondly, when you do have an idea, you need to act on it.

“But of course, I would act on an amazing business idea”, I hear you scream.

Would you? Would you really?

Ideas don’t land on your plate all neatly packaged and ready for market.

They require sweat, blood, tears, bashing around with a mallet to knock into something that’s going to be successful.

That’s why many of us, when we do have our business idea, our light bulb moment, quietly ignore it.We tell ourselves, “Oh, it wouldn’t work”. “The market isn’t big enough.” “The startup costs are too high”.

These are the light bulb moments you never hear about…

So next time you have an idea, an idea that might work, write it down. Spend some time thinking about it.

Work through the issues.

Test out your market.

It could be your light bulb moment.

Originally published at on September 24, 2018.

On a mission to help tiny businesses grow and improve health and fitness. Founder of and

On a mission to help tiny businesses grow and improve health and fitness. Founder of and