How To Start A Business With My 32 Step Checklist

Those are for suckers.

How To Start A Business

#Tip 1 How to Start A Business

#Tip 2 Your Business Idea

#Tip 3 Will Your Idea Make Money

#Tip 4 Do the Research

#Tip 5 Get a Name

I always try to get both.

#Tip 6 Do the Boring Stuff

#1 Choose your business structure.

#2 Set up your company.

#3 Register to pay taxes.

#4 Get a Bank Account.

#5 Set up payment providers.

#6 Keep records.

#7 Find out about licenses, permits, and regulations for your chosen business sector.

#8 Investigate trademarks, copyrights or patents.

#Tip 7 Money

#1 Crowdfunding

#2 Angel investors

#3 Venture Capital Firms

#4 Banks

#5 Grants

#6 Friends and Family.

#Tip 8 Make a 90 Day Plan

  • Specific: I will start an eCommerce business on Shopify selling T-shirts.
  • Measurable: The store will be set up and ready for my first order within 4 weeks. Within 10 weeks I will be selling a minimum of 10 T-Shirts a week from 5 designs.
  • Attainable: I will build my store on Shopify first. Then I will design my T-Shirts and integrate a drop-shipping supplier. Finally, I will promote my business and build relationships with customers through word of mouth, social media, and referrals.
  • Relevant: My business will be an outlet for my artistic skills and make extra money.
  • Time-Bound: The Shopify store will be up and running within 4 weeks and I will have 5 designs selling a minimum of 10 T-shirts a week within 10 weeks.

#Tip 9 Feedback — If it isn’t working — Fix it





On a mission to help tiny businesses grow and improve health and fitness. Founder of and

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Alison Wright

Alison Wright

On a mission to help tiny businesses grow and improve health and fitness. Founder of and

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