17 Tips To Make Running Feel easier

How To Make Running Easier

#1 Reset Your Expectations

#2 Warm-Up & Start Slowly

#3 Take Walk Breaks

#4 Find A Point To Aim For

#5 Conquer Your Breathing

#6 Find A Buddy To Make Running Easier

#7 Pick A Fun Route

#8 Be Consistent

#9 Strength Training

#10 Mix It Up

#11 Stick To Your Training Plans

#12 The Long Run

#13 Listen To A Podcast

#14 Wear Comfortable Running Shoes

#15 It’s Okay To Be Slow

#16 Get Enough Sleep

#17 Increase Your Cadence



On a mission to help tiny businesses grow and improve health and fitness. Founder of https://simplyhatch.com and https://lovelifebefit.com

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